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concrete septic tanks

At our Hastings yard, we boast a large range of concrete septic tanks:


  • 1850litre capacity

  • 3,200litre capacity and

  • 4,500litre capacity.

We manufacture Distribution Pits, Pumpwells, Pump Pits, Tank Saddles and Saddle Extensions to suit septic tanks, 

All of our septic tanks are manufactured in accordance with SAI Global Standards.

the specifications

Product             Dimensions                                Weight (kgs)     Capacity (litres)


1850 LITRE       1390D x 2000L                      2000                  1,850 

3,200 LITRE      1690D x 2300L                     3000                  3,200

4,500 LITRE      1730D x 3300L                      4000                 4,500

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SEPTIC TANK INSTALLATION IMG_20190412_133145430_HDR (003).jpg

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