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concrete water tanks

Statewide Concrete Products have a large range of Rectangle & Cylindrical Concrete Water Tanks suitable for underground and above ground installation. starting at 3,500 litre up to 21,500 litre capacity.

All of our tanks are constructed with full steel reinforcing and 32mpa fully vibrated concrete to industry standards. All tanks come with brass threaded sockets for connection of pumps and services and also have various access openings depending on requirements

We also manufacture a 20,000 litre traffic-able (Light Commercial Vehicles/40 mpa concrete) rectangle tank suitable for installations under driveways or areas subject to light vehicle traffic.

All tanks come with a 5 year guarantee for your peace of mind and we can also recommend experienced installers for your underground installations.

the specifications

Product                                                             Dimensions                                Capacity (ltrs)

3500 LITRES WATER TANK                  1690 DIA X 2240 H               3500

4500 LITRES WATER TANK                  2060 DIA X 2000 H              4500

10,000 LITRES WATER TANK                2430 DIA X 2600 H               10,000

10,000 LITRES WATER TANK                3100 DIA X 1730 H                  10,000

12,000 LITRES WATER TANK                3500 DIA X 1520 H                12,000S

16,000 LITRES WATER TANK                3100 DIA X 2530 H                16,000

21,500 LITRES WATER TANK                3470 DIA X 2650 H               21,500

20,000 LITRES RECTANGLE TANK      2420L X 4180 W X 2400 H     20,000

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