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plumbing products

stormwater pits

At Statewide Concrete Products, we carry one of the large ranges of storm water pits in Australia.


All of our Stormwater Pits, Retention/Control pits with Baffles and Trash Screens and Stormwater pit extensions are manufactured to order.

Below are listed our standard pit sizes

  • 450X450X0.45-1mtr internal height

  • 600X600X0.6-1.3mtr internal height

  • 900X600X0.7-1.5mtr internal height

  • 900X900X0.9-1.5mtr internal height

  • 1200X900X 0.6-1.5mtr internal height

  • 1300X600X 0.6-1.5mtr internal height

If it is something custom you require, we would love to be of assistance.

grates, frames, concrete lids & surrounds

At our Yard we carry Grates & Frames to suit all our pits. We also have various sized concrete lids to suit our pits and also concrete surrounds which can be fitted with grates or a concrete insert as required.


We can also make lids to order or we may have some lids in stock that suit your individual needs.

septic tanks

At our Hastings yard, we boast a large range of concrete septic tanks:


  • 1850litre capacity

  • 3,200litre capacity and

  • 4,500litre capacity.

We manufacture Distribution Pits, Pumpwells, Pump Pits, Soak Pits, Tank Saddles and Saddle Extensions to suit septic tanks, 

All of our septic tanks are manufactured in accordance with SAI Global Standards.

grease, petrol, oil interceptors & silt pits

Our concrete Grease Interceptors range in capacity.


  • 35 litres

  • 70 litres

  • 18 0litres

  • 300 litres

  • 600 litres

  • 1,600 litres

  • 2,000 litres

All of our grease interceptors come complete with baffles, inlets and outlets. 

We also manufacture concrete Petrol / Oil Interceptors with a capacity of


  • 1,600litres

  • 2,000litres.

concrete lids, pavers, surrounds, I.S. covers & mounds

We manufacture and stock a large range of concrete pavers, concrete lids and many various sizes and shapes.


We cater for the plumbing industries supplying I.S. Covers, Mounds and various other products.

If you have any special requirements or concrete products required for a specific job or use please call and ask our friendly staff

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