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cattle grids

If you have livestock to keep safe and secure, you know the importance of having heavy duty cattle grids.


While there are numerous materials to choose from on the market, concrete grids are by far superior to others because of their long lasting durability and resilience to withstand all conditions.

We carry three sizes of concrete cattle grids.

  • 10ft

  • 13ft

  •  16ft

cattle ramps

Our concrete cattle ramps are manufactured using a minimum of 40mpa concrete and using quality reinforcing.

With our crane trucks, ramps can be placed onto the prepared site with ease - subject to suitable site conditions and access, ofcourse!

concrete pipes, drivable end walls & wing walls

At our yard in Hastings we stock and sell concrete piping.

  • 300mm

  • 225mm internal

We also manufacture and stock drivable end walls, End Walls and Wing Walls suitable for installation.

round & rectangle stock troughs

We stock a variety of water troughs  to accommodate your property and your livestock’s feeding needs. We have a range of sizes both round and rectangular so that they can suit feeding various sizes and different types of animals. 


  • 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 7ft, 9ft, 9ft deep variety & 11ft6` diameter


  • 8ft x 4ft

  • 7ft x 2ft 


Our crane trucks can place stock troughs on the prepared pads - subject to suitable site conditions & accessibility, ofcourse!

Mt Barker floats and valves are available to suit all troughs in our range.

float valve

This metal cover protects the float valve in your water trough and stops your livestock from knocking it with their head or feet.




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